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How to proceed with the ATPL(A) license training at ATO Avioner?

  1. Meeting the following technical conditions is required to use the website:

    1. A web browser with html5 support (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge). Preferably, the latest version.
    2. No javascript script lock in the web browser.
  2. Log in to the - see the right upper corner of the screen.
    The first profile of your account on the website will be loaded, and if this is your only training, it will be started automatically. Otherwise, select the "select training" link.
  3. After clicking the "selection of courses" link, the "Available courses" page will be loaded where you will find a list of trainings you have already started and a list of activated trainings that you have just bought. This table does not contain any trainings that you have already completed. You probably have one course, so you can click the "select" button on the right side of the table and it will launch the correct profile of your training.
  4. In this profile you will find more functionalities that give you full rights as a course participant. To start watching lectures, select the "my training" option. Clicking on this button will load a new window with the option to select a subject and a lecture to watch.
  5. The ATPL(A) license training consists of four phases:
    1. The first of the four conditions for receiving a certificate of the ATPL course completion is watching at least 80% of the lectures on the platform (confirmed in the statistics, statistics are not calculated after exceeding the daily limit of 8 hours) – the first phase of the training.
    2. The second condition is completing the self-training using the multimedia materials provided by ATO Avioner on the Padpilot platform – the second phase of the training.
    3. The third condition is participation in on-line sessions after completing the second phase in a given subject - the third phase of the training.
    4. The last condition is participation in four on-line sessions of the Area 100 KSA and a session of Mental Math - phase four of the training.
  6. In order to provide you with the highest effectiveness and methodological correctness of the training process for the first and second phase, we propose to adopt the following order of subjects in the course:

    1. Air Law
    2. Aircraft General Knowledge - Airframes, Systems and Powerplant
    3. Aircraft General Knowledge - Instrumentation
    4. Mass and Balance
    5. Performance
    6. Flight Planning and Monitoring
    7. Human Performance and Limitations
    8. Meteorology
    9. General Navigation
    10. Radio Navigation
    11. Operational Procedures
    12. Principles of Flight
    13. Communications


    In the first phase of the training you have to end each lecture with a test which you can start by clicking the "Step test" button. You will find it below the lecture playback window.

    The training system will not allow you to go to the next lectures without completing the current lecture and passing the test (five test questions, at least 80% of correct answers). You can take the test multiple times until you pass it.

    If you have completed the first phase of the training in a subject, you may proceed to the second phase - self-teaching on the Padpilot platform. You will receive access to the platform from the ATO Avioner administration.

    When you finish the second phase in a subject – the self-teaching, you may participate in an on-line session (THIRD PHASE) in the subject. You do not have to wait for the entire second phase (self-teaching) to be completed for all subjects. You may attend an on-line session in the subject in which you have completed the self-teaching phase, if the session is notified. An on-line session is a meeting in the form of a videoconference between a lecturer and a group of students who have completed the two previous phases (lectures and self-teaching in the subject). You may take the final test in this phase of the training after the last hour of the on-line session in the subject. A positive test result entitles you to participate in the fourth phase of the training - the Area 100 KSA module.

    The number of session hours in the third phase of the training depends on the total number of training hours in a subject. The number of test questions is equal to the sum of the total number of training hours in the subject. Look below:

    Subject index Subject name (abbreviation) Training phase Total
    S1 S2 Z Air law (AL) 10 32 5 47 Aircraft General Knowledge - Airframes, Systems and Powerplant (AKA) 17 45 7 69 Aircraft General Knowledge - Instrumentation (AKI) 5 40 5 50 Mass and Balance (WB) 6 36 5 47 Performance (P) 6 39 5 50 Flight Planning and Monitoring (FPL) 6 39 5 50 Human Performance and Limitations (HF) 10 33 5 48 Meteorology (MT) 16 45 7 68 Navigation (NV) 14 30 5 49 Radio Navigation (RNV) 18 45 7 70 Operational Procedures (OP) 6 25 4 35 Principles of Flight (PF) 6 45 6 57 Communications (CMM) 7 20 3 30 100 KSA Area (KSA) -- -- 5 5
    Total: 127 474 74 675

    You can also view the results of all tests at any time by clicking on the "training documents" link in your profile.

    The fourth and last phase of the training is the Area 100 KSA module which consists of five one-hour on-line sessions. The first four are the implementation of scenarios assigned by the lecturer to be implemented during the session. They constitute various thematic scopes and will require the students to pass each of them in a fixed/imposed order. The last, fifth session of the Area 100 KSA are independent Mental Math tests which the students start on their own provided that they have passed the previous four sessions. These are calculation tests where the system asks the student to solve 40 tasks, one at a time, in 45 minutes.

  7. You have 18 months to complete the ATPL(A) course. The minimum duration of the course is 90 days and the certificate will not be issued earlier.
  8. You sign up for the last on-line session of the training course using the "register for on-line sessions" link in your profile. A new window opens with instructions and a list of sessions available to you.
  9. DO NOT PUT OFF THE SESSION FOR LATER - it is best to sign up for a session immediately after the end of the third phase - self-teaching.
  10. If you sign up for a selected on-line session and remember its date and time, please be advised that on the page you launch from the "register for on-line sessions" link in your profile, you find a RED "START" BUTTON 20 minutes before the session starts. This button opens a new panel where you find very important instructions - read them! Below the text there is a frame with the on-line session transmission, and above the frame there is a red "Run test" button which is activated by the lecturer after the end of the session. Listen to the lecturer and if you need help, ask him - you are on-line!

Keep this text and come back to it to find out how to use the ATO Avioner School's offer. You are also welcome to contact us at: [email protected]