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Training at the ATO Avioner Training Center
- the process of completing the purchased course

In order to start the training at ATO Avioner, you need to register and select the training you are interested in from the drop-down list when filling out the registration form. After filling in the data and declaring a password (by default, the e-mail address provided earlier is always used as the login), you must approve the form. The system will then send a verification message to the declared email address. The system will send the order document after you confirm the received message. The received document is a confirmation of the concluded civil contract and the basis for paying for the selected course. The document is valid 10 days from the date of placing the order for the service. If you do not pay for the order within the indicated period, you will have to place a new order after logging in to our website and selecting the 'purchase of training' option from the student's menu. If you want to get the access to the active course sooner, please send an email to [email protected] with the confirmation of the bank transfer. We will then activate your training immediately. If you buy an entire course for a selected license, please remember that you will have access to your lectures from the day following the activation, as it must be previously approved by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Online training for any subject of any flight course at ATO Avioner has two phases.

The first one comprises watching online lectures of the individual subjects and taking a test covering the lecture's scope of knowledge at the end of each lecture. There are five questions in the test. Each question is provided with three answers to choose from while just one is correct. It is necesary to answer at least four questions correctly to pass the test. In case of failure another set of five questions will be asked until the test is passed. Passing the test is a prerequisite for watching the next lecture. The trainee has to complete all lectures from the subject in this way to go to the second phase of the training - online sessions. They may watch the lectures at any time at their convenience and go back to those completed ones (for which they have already passed the tests) many times. Once passed, the tests from the individual lectures are not available to the trainee anymore. The results of the passed tests are available in the "training file" in the trainee's menu.

The second phase is an online session in the form of a video-conference for up to eighteen trainees and the lecturer. This is a real-time meeting where the lecturer moderates over a discussion concerning the subject's scope - they ask questions and answer questions from the trainees. This is a seminar meeting with the purpose to summarize the knowledge of the lectures previously viewed by the trainees. The meeting ends with a final test for the subject.

During the online session, the lecturer may invite a participant to the video pannel and discuss with them. The other participants watch them and may add their questions or comments by writing in the chat window.

The final test for the subject is launched by the lecturer at the end of the online session. The test comprises 10 questions and lasts 10 minutes. Every trainee has the right of two attempts at the test during the session. If the test is not passed in the session, the trainee may sign up for another session. Trainees who fail to pass the  final test in two sessions are obliged to purchase the subject again for additional fee, then watch all lectures again, pass the step tests for the individual lectures and take part in the online session.
Attention! While taking the final test in the subject, you must remain on the vision (share the image from the camera on your device). If you do not comply with this requirement, your test result will be cancelled.

Online sessions are set by the administration of the ATO Avioner Training Center on weekdays from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. (CET) and they are repeated for each subject within periods of 7 to 10 days. This organization of the online sessions helps the trainees choose a convenient date for participation.

If a trainee completes all the lectures in a subject and there is no session available for the subject at the moment, then they need to wait until the session is set, of which they will be notified by email.

While waiting for the announcement of an online session for the already completed subject lectures, the trainees are encouraged to watch lectures of other subjects to save the time of access to the course.

Having completed the training for all subjects of the selected course in accordance with the above described procedure, the trainee will be informed about the completion of the course. An electronically signed certificate will be issued and sent by e-mail within two days of completing the last online session of the course.

An additional condition for completing the training in the selected course is watching all online lectures (at least 80% of the duration of the lectures).