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How to proceed with the training purchased at ATO Avioner?

  1. Meeting the following technical conditions is required to use the website:

    1. A web browser with html5 support (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge). Preferably, the latest version.
    2. No javascript script lock in the web browser.
  2. Log in to the see the right upper corner of the screen.
    The first profile of your account on the website will be loaded, and if this is your only training, it will be started automatically. Otherwise, select the "select training" link.
  3. After clicking the "selection of courses" link, the "Available courses" page will be loaded where you will find a list of trainings you have already started and a list of activated trainings that you have just bought. This table does not contain any trainings that you have already completed. You probably have one course, so you can click the "select" button on the right side of the table and it will launch the correct profile of your training.
  4. In this profile you will find more functionalities that give you full rights as a course participant. To start watching lectures, select the "my training" option. Clicking on this button will load a new window with the option to select a subject and a lecture to watch.
  5. In order to provide you with the highest effectiveness and methodical correctness of the training process, we suggest to adopt the following order of subjects in the course:

    1. Air law and air traffic control procedures
    2. Communications
    3. Meteorology
    4. Human performance
    5. Principles of flight
    6. Aircraft general knowledge – airframe and systems
    7. Aircraft general knowledge – airframe and systems, instrumentation
    8. Navigation
    9. Operational procedures
    10. Flight performance and planning


    • At random times during the watched lecture, up to 3 test questions related to its topics will be displayed. Answering all of them will take you to the actual lecture test.
    • You must end each lecture with a test that you can start by clicking the "Step Test" button. You will find it below the lecture playback window.
    • The system of this service will not allow you to proceed to next lectures without passing the current lecture's test (five test questions, at least 80% correct answers). You may run the test multiple times until you pass it. Having passed the tests in all lectures, you may sign up for an online session and complete the training of the subject.
    • The online session for each subject also ends with a test. The session lecturer decides when to launch the test containing 10 questions you have to answer in 10 minutes. You will be informed of the result automatically. A minimum of 8 correct answers are required for the positive result.
    • You can also view the results of all tests at any time by clicking the link "training file" in your profile, if you passed test.
    • You have 70 days to complete the PPL(A) license training. The minimum is 25 days and the system will not print the certificate earlier. The time of other trainings is indicated in the price list
  6. You sign up for the final online session in the course training using  the "subscriptions to online sessions" link in your profile. It will open a new window where you will find instructions and the list of available sessions for you.
    Registration for a session is also possible by clicking the link in the e-mail notification about setting up the session and confirming the subscription with your password to our website. You will receive the e-mail notification only if you have made progress in the subject at the time of setting up the session. The possibility of registering for an online session depends on passing the subject lectures and tests and on the session availability (maximum 18 participants).
  7. DO NOT PUT OFF THE SESSION "UNTIL LATER"- the best practice is to sign up for the session immediately after completing the lectures.
  8. If you click the link "registration for online sessions" and there you do not find the sessions available to you, it means that you have not completed the training (you have not passed lectures and tests) at least from one of the course subjects. You must pass them!
  9. If you have signed up for a selected online session and you remember its date and time, please be informed that on the page that you start from the link "registration for online sessions" in your profile you will see a RED BUTTON "RUN" 20 minutes before the start of the session. This button opens a new panel where you will find very important instructions - please read them! Below the text you will find two buttons, a blue one "Session" and a red one "Run test". Of course, you first need to click the "Session" button to take part in the session. It will open the application for online sessions in a new browser window. Then listen to the lecturer and, if you need help, ask him - you are online!

Keep this text and come back to it to find out how to use the ATO Avioner School's offer. You are also welcome to contact us at: [email protected]