The ATO Avioner School partners

The ATO Avioner School recommends the best practical training centers for the PPL (A) license.

  • Tollenseflug GmbH -Neubrandenburger Flugschule
  • AIR4
  • Tannheimer Flieger- und Freizeitzentrum GmbH
  • FSH Flugschule Sachsen
  • Fliegerservice August der Starke
  • Fly Service sp.zo.o.
  • BIERNAT s.j.
  • Navcom Systems Fly Sp z o.o.
  • Flugschule Lübeck GmbH
  • Gear Up Aviation English
  • Westwings Poznań
    We are an exceptionally professional organisation who are certified in accordance with the requirements of PART- FCL Approved Training Organisation. “Adriana Aviation” has been well equipped with a modern training base, with great social facilities for students and passengers, a wonderful hotel inside a fantastically well converted traditional farm building. We have an exceptionally accomplished team that are dedicated to helping our clients achieve whatever they desire from aviation. Adriana Aviation will help You to make Your dream true.
    We put into your hands a modern pilot training center. Our headquarters is Gliwice Airport. Whether you want to train for a Private Pilot License (PPL) or plan a professional career, in any case, in Air4 you will receive comprehensive training for license under the supervision of available airline pilots instructors. Each of us will have the task of providing you with the knowledge and skills to perform air operations safely.
    We wish you,
    "Safe flights and happy landings"
    Phone: 724914045
    Fly Service sp.zo.o. Flight School
    Fly Service flight School was founded in 1986 in Germany. From 2005 Fly Service successfully trains pilots in Wroclaw at the EPWR airfield. Fly Service has been training pilots for over 35 years.
    Your partner in all areas of aviation. We train you from private pilots to commercial pilots. Education; LAPL (A), PPL (A), NVFR (A), MEPL (A), IR (A), CPL (A), SEPL, wznowienia.
    Many of our former flight students now fly as pilots in commercial aircraft of all renowned airlines. We have a first-class team of experienced flight instructors, who are often themselves captains and co-pilots in various aviation companies.
    Fly Service Flight Training is one of the most efficient flight schools in Poland.
    The aircraft used by us consist mainly of the proven Cessna and Piper series including CIRRUS SR 22 TN with Garmin 1000 glass cockpit.
    Our aircraft are all equipped with the latest radio navigation devices and are serviced in an aeronautical company approved by the LBA and according to EU regulations.
    Call us now!
    Fly Service Team Wroclaw
    tel. +48 696 590 737, +48 696 500 737
    Located on the picturesque EPZE airfield in Poland, ATO Biernat s.j. is a growing general aviation company with more than 20 years of training expertise. The fifteen-plane fleet is primarily made up of Piper and Cessna aircraft.. Seaplanes are our genuine passion; they are the most fulfilling kind of aviation.

    Please contact us!
    +48 601 237 226
    Navcom Systems Fly (NSFly) is a certified flight school (ATO-70) that will help you obtain a private pilot license, PPL (A). The training also includes a night flying training Visual Flight Rules, VFR certificate. The NSFly fleet is well-matched to serve students. We have six thoroughly modernized Cessna aircraft, including five C-152 planes and one C-172 RG plane. The aircraft is equipped with advanced avionics. The interior of the planes has been adapted for learning purposes.
    NSFly instructors are experienced pilots. The school is located adjacent to the Lublin Airport, which allows the students to learn flying in a controlled airspace. The school has direct access to 900 meters of a grass runway. The proximity to the Lublin Airport gives us the added advantage of using the concrete runway. It means bad weather won’t limit school activities.
    NSFly is a sister company of Navcom Systems, which specializes in maintaining, servicing, and repairing small aircraft and helicopters. Located next to the school, Navcom Systems maintains our fleet to ensure that the aircraft fulfills the highest safety standards and requirements.
    The school building consists of two training rooms with advanced equipment, a comfortable lounge, and a kitchen. In the same building, we offer two bedrooms with bathrooms for students who may need accommodations.
    We offer orientation flights and tours for prospective students.
    Gear Up Aviation English is offering online English classes for those who want to peruse career in aviation or pass their ICAO Language Proficiency Exams.
    We offer three forms of lessons: individuals, in pairs or in small groups.
    We will prepare you for ICAO Language Proficiency exams, language exams like IELTS or ESL if you want to do a flight training in a flight school abroad, recruitment process and job interviews in English.
    We focus on communication skills and overcoming the language barrier, a proper pronunciation of the most challenging phonemes and stresses in English. We teach aviation phraseology in context of natural language.
    Our dreams finally came true!

    We have created a unique aviation school in the picturesque region of Lower Silesia.

    Our dream and mission is to give you the opportunity to start your aviation adventure with us, but the most important thing is that you are going to make your dreams come true!

    We perfectly understand your passion for aviation, because we cannot imagine our life without it.

    We realize that passion is just the beginning, so we want to offer you the highest quality practical training. Our fleet contains : Tecnam P2008, Rockwell Commander 114 TC and WT-9.

    Our school has an experienced staff of instructors who will provide you with learning in a friendly atmosphere, minimizing all risks and providing you with the highest-class safety during flying.

    We are here for you - to share our love of flying and provide you with the training you dreamed of.

    We will safely guide you throughout the whole training process. Our offer includes: PPL(A), LAPL(A) and VFR Night training course.

    Please visit our website and check our offer.
    Declared Training Organisation (DTO) run alongside the first flying club in Poland. We focus on bringing into aviation those people whose circumstances dictate a highly individualised approach to training. We are there for everyone who is running their own business, working outside aviation, has family commitments, or for any other reasons cannot commit all their time to training. We want to specialise in training and mentoring of non-commercial pilots.