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Update: 07/06/2019

The privacy policy presented below refers to the website, hereinafter referred to as "the service" or the AVIONER Training Center. It constitutes an appendix to the Regulations of the website.

The administrator (hereinafter referred to as the Service Provider) of the users' personal data is:

Syntecode Sp. z o.o.
Pilchowicka St. 27
02-175 Warsaw

Personal data and other information provided by the user. The following information is required for creating an account:

  • name and surname,
  • e-mail address,
  • account name (login),
  • individual access password.

While using the website, the course participant's computer will save cookies necessary to: maintain the session on the site, store the participant's preferences, better match the services to their needs, collect responsibility statistics and better match advertisements.

If you do not agree to the cookies placed on your computer by, you may modify the settings of your web browser. However, blocking cookies completely will prevent you from logging in to the site. If you do not change your browser settings, you agree to the installation of cookies on your device in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

When using the, each time a page is displayed or any file is downloaded from our servers, the following information is saved:

  • date and time of the request,
  • URL of the visited website with attached parameters,
  • the IP address of the computer making the request,
  • content and status of the request,
  • amount of data sent in response,
  • HTTP headers sent by the user's computer (defining, among others, the type and version of the browser, its language, the page from which the redirection occurred, the content of cookies),
  • content sent by the user.

In order to optimize the learning process, the system collects detailed data on the progress of learning on the website, including information about the studied lectures and tests.

The data we collect enable us to provide services within the website and also help with:

  1. payments handling and order processing (including sending notifications of trainings registration and purchasing),
  2. optimizing the learning process based on anonymous statistical data on the learning progress of the platform users and the history of browsing the site,
  3. developing the school's website and introducing new functionalities,
  4. statistical processing (for example to test website visits statistics),
  5. ensuring security (i.e. to detect any security breaches or unauthorized use of the website),
  6. detection of problems related to the operation of the website (errors in the software),
  7. sending commercial information, including promotional offers (consent to send this information is not required to use our services and it may be withdrawn at any time on the account settings page or via a link enabling  subscription cancellation attached to the commercial information),
  8. sharing data with our Partners offering practical training in the air.

Your personal data will not be shared with third parties without your consent, except as described below or required by applicable law and the implementation of the offered training.

By registering with the service, you agree to share your login / email with lecturers whose lectures you will review on and cooperating Partners offering practical training in the air. Anonymous statistical summaries prepared on the basis of server log analysis, learning history, history of browsing the site may be made available to third parties. However, the information will never contain any data identifying individuals.

All servers servicing the website are located in the European Union. The service provider does not have their own servers and uses external hosting services of high degree of security. The school's service database is backed up every night.

The AVIONER training center does not store any financial data of the training participants. All purchase transactions are carried out in the form of bank transfers only on the servers of the external service providers.

Please note that although we strive to ensure the security of your data, we can not guarantee 100% protection against hacker attacks or computer viruses. In the event that there is a breach of security of the site as a result of a hacking attack, causing modification or corruption of data, we will notify the competent law enforcement authorities of any violations.

You have the right to inspect and correct the data you provide. Most of the personal data associated with the account can be viewed or modified after logging in to the site on your training participant profile. For security reasons, the website may also store the history of versions of data provided by the user (for example, to enable the original account holder to be identified if the account is taken over without their consent).

You can request removal of your account and your personal data at any time. Such a request must be submitted in writing - by e-mail (from the e-mail address for which the account was created) or by post. The message should contain the name of the account used at, the user's name and postal address and the e-mail address assigned to the account. In order to authorize the request to delete data, our employee may also request additional information to confirm the identity of the person making the request.

We reserve the right to make changes to this privacy policy in accordance with applicable legal regulations.