Lecturers of the Avioner school

Martyna Kurek is Commercial Pilot with Airline Transport Pilot License with Multi Crew Coordination, and Jet Orientation Courses. She completed her flight training in Państwowe Zakłady Lotnicze Warszawa Okęcie, Airbus Defence & Space Approved Training Organisation in Mielec. She graduated with Engineer and Master degree from Technical University of Rzeszów, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics and her specialisation is avionics. She is also Airline Transport Pilot License and Private Pilot Licence theory instructor. Currently she is during preparation to join airlines.
Martyna Kurek
Operational procedures - PPL(A)
IFR Communication - ATPL(A)
Human performance - PPL(A)
Communications - PPL(A)
Communications - ATPL(A)
Tugrul Ozdil started dreaming about aviation since early childhood. He made his first flight at the age of 15 with Puchacz glider. Now Tugrul Ozdil is a Commercial Pilot Licence pilot with multi-engine and instrument ratings (Frozen ATPL). He completed his pilot training partially in Hungary and in Poland. He also has experience with many different aircrafts including high wing, low wing and aerobatic aircrafts. His airborne experience is more than 300 hours
Tugrul Ozdil is an engineer by training and currently he is studying his master’s degree in business management. Currently he is a theory instructor for both Private Pilot Licence and Airline Transport Pilot License levels.
Tugrul Ozdil
Principles of flight - PPL(A)
Principles of Flight - ATPL(A)
Air Law and ATC procedures - PPL(A)
Air Law - ATPL(A)
Janusz Jasiński graduated the Military University of Technology as a meteorologist and worked as the chief of the meteorological station in a Polish Air Force Airbase, then as a teacher and instructor in meteorology in the Polish Air Force University. Having completed his doctoral research, he has been teaching in the Military University of Technology - mainly remote sensing, meteorological instruments and measurement techniques, and meteorology for aviation. He has also been involved in developing measurements systems and applications for upper air soundings and aviation.
Janusz Jasiński
Meteorology - PPL(A)
Meteorology - ATPL(A)
Mikołaj Pernak has been connected to aviation since early childhood, his grandfather served in Polish Air Force. His father taught him the basics of flying starting at the age of 9. Mikołaj then paved his way from gliding, via gyrocopters to aircraft, flying in solo and group trips spanning almost entire Europe. Currently a CPL holder, Mikołaj is teaching in flight schools in Poland and the United Kingdom, where he is completing his postgraduate degree in Advanced Aeronautical Engineering.
Mikołaj Pernak
Flight performance and planning - PPL(A)
Airframes and systems, Instrumentation - PPL(A)
Airframes and systems - PPL(A)
Aircraft General Knowledge - Instrumentation - ATPL(A)
Aircraft General Knowledge - Airframes, Systems and Powerplant - ATPL(A)
Jan Kłudkiewicz has started his flying career in Aeroklub Warszawski with a PPL theoretical and subsequently followed by a practical training in Cessna 152. Finishing this initial step, he conducted his later aeronautical education in Rzeszów University of Technology and its Aviation Training Centre. He graduated with a Master of Science in Aerospace engineering and Aeronautics and after the completion of a training he was nominated for a position of a flight instructor at the very same facility. Right now he is a Boeing 737 type rated active airline pilot. Jan has never given up recreational General Aviation flying still giving flight instruction in one of Warsaw's flying schools. He is also a private aircraft owner.
Jan Franciszek Kłudkiewicz
Radio Navigation - ATPL(A)
Navigation - PPL(A)
General Navigation - ATPL(A)
FO pilot in Polish Airlines PLL LOT EMB 170-190
Pratt&Whitney AeroPower Rzeszów – Project Engineer responsible for APU engines for Embraer 170-190, A320 family, B787 Dreamliner.
Pratt & Whitney Poland - WSK PZL Rzeszów S.A.
- Designer for Mechanical Systems for Pratt&Whitney from East Hartford
- Since last year IPT Leader for #2&3 Bearing compartment. During PW1000 design phase – aplications- A320NEO, BA, MRJ E2.
ARMES – Manufacturer of grinding materials
- Designer – responsible for production documentation
Pilkington Automotive
- Implementing new manufacturing line for wiring wind shields
Volunteer aircraft and gliding instructor in airclub.
Tomasz Wójtowicz
Airframes and systems, Instrumentation - PPL(A)
Airframes and systems - PPL(A)