Set of lectures for: PPL(A) - Private Pilot License (shortened)

PPL(A) – licencja pilota samolotowego turystycznego (kurs skrócony) dedykowane jest tylko posiadaczom co najmniej jednej z licencji: PPL(H), LAPL(H), SPL, LAPL(S), BPL.

Syllabus PPL(A) - Private Pilot License (shortened)  


We are an exceptionally professional organisation who are certified in accordance with the requirements of PART- FCL Approved Training Organisation. “Adriana Aviation” has been well equipped with a modern training base, with great social facilities for students and passengers, a wonderful hotel inside a fantastically well converted traditional farm building. We have an exceptionally accomplished team that are dedicated to helping our clients achieve whatever they desire from aviation. Adriana Aviation will help You to make Your dream true.
GOGETAIR line of aircraft has been designed with a passionate pilot in mind. In order to achieve the best possible comfort for the pilot, who can during a route flight with GOGETAIR aircraft stay in the air for the total of up to 9 hours, the aircraft is equipped with adjustable rudder pedals as well as with adjustable seats and 3 different foam density of seat cushioning for maximum comfort. All this gives to any pilot between 163 and 202cm in height the feeling of a home comfort. The plane also offers a lot of room for the front fellow passenger. The back seat can be used as baggage space or you can also take 2 children op to 45 kg each and not more than 150cm. In case the plane is to carry four people, some of the baggage can still be stored in the small baggage space behind the back seat.
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ATO Noble Wings is a modern and one of the most versatile flight centers in Poland.
The school was created in 2014 by a group of enthusiastic, well-educated professional pilots with many years of experience.
We know exactly how important is to provide flight training tailored exactly to suit Your personal needs. Among the instructors from our team, You will only find experienced pilots, who spend thousands of hours in airliners, business jets or turboprop aircrafts cockpits. We hire people who meet our restricted criteria and exactly match the profile which we are looking for.
That’s why on top off our exquisite service we can offer You a friendly environment and a great time during Your training.

Our fleet consists of modern aircraft completed with glass cockpit VIPERS SD-4 and the PA-38 Tomahawk’s full spin approved aircrafts used especially for spin recovery, UPRT, NVFR and FI(A) training.
We are very proud to be known among other ATO’s as a female-friendly place.

Our fleet is growing and what is very important - we are not limited to one airport. You can find us in many places all over Poland
The part of Noble Wings Flight Academy is Noble Wings Time Building Centre..We operate on EPKO, EPLS, EPWS, EPOP, EPLU, EPMR, EPOM
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Navcom Systems Fly (NSFly) is a certified flight school (ATO-70) that will help you obtain a private pilot license, PPL (A). The training also includes a night flying training Visual Flight Rules, VFR certificate. The NSFly fleet is well-matched to serve students. We have six thoroughly modernized Cessna aircraft, including five C-152 planes and one C-172 RG plane. The aircraft is equipped with advanced avionics. The interior of the planes has been adapted for learning purposes.
NSFly instructors are experienced pilots. The school is located adjacent to the Lublin Airport, which allows the students to learn flying in a controlled airspace. The school has direct access to 900 meters of a grass runway. The proximity to the Lublin Airport gives us the added advantage of using the concrete runway. It means bad weather won’t limit school activities.
NSFly is a sister company of Navcom Systems, which specializes in maintaining, servicing, and repairing small aircraft and helicopters. Located next to the school, Navcom Systems maintains our fleet to ensure that the aircraft fulfills the highest safety standards and requirements.
The school building consists of two training rooms with advanced equipment, a comfortable lounge, and a kitchen. In the same building, we offer two bedrooms with bathrooms for students who may need accommodations.
We offer orientation flights and tours for prospective students.
Cena za życie bez granic

Wojciech Dombrowski (ur. 1936) – w latach 1976-2005 zawodowy pilot, wcześniej pedagog specjalny, niespokojny duch, działacz, więzień polityczny PRL i później emigrant – porwał się na napisanie autobiografii. Można ją określić jako odważną, bo z jej kart wyłania się postać głównego bohatera, z którym nie zawsze chce się utożsamiać czytelnik. Tytuł, jaki jej nadał, „Cena za życie bez granic”, mówi o tym, co powodowało młodymi ludźmi, wychowanymi w czasach PRL – czasach wszechobecnej indoktrynacji, cenzury, zależności kariery od demonstrowania poglądów politycznych, wreszcie braku swobody poruszania się po Europie i świecie – do zachowań niepokornych i przedsięwzięć szalonych...
Na to nakłada się, niezależna od wszystkich okoliczności, miłość do latania, łącząca skłonność Autora do zdobywania świata z pasją włóczęgi i żądzą przygód.
Pokolenie Autora zrobiło wszystko, by przyszłe generacje Polaków mogły żyć bez granic. Być może skłoni to do refleksji współczesnego czytelnika, że warto było o to walczyć wtedy, a trzeba walczyć i teraz, bo wolność nie jest dana raz na zawsze. (Sklep internetowy Przeglądu Lotniczego