Information about the CAREER IN AIRLINES service for candidates

  • If you are interested in the career of an airline pilot, the ATO Avioner School will provide you with chargeable individual online consultations with advisers who know the recruitment process for this position at various airlines.
  • During the meeting, the advisor will provide comprehensive answers to your questions and prepare you for the recruitment process in the airline of your choice.
  • As the client, you propose the date and duration of the session by providing three date and time suggestions. The advisor will either accept one of your suggestions or they will send you back their proposals. The jointly agreed date is always subject to your final approval.
  • Detailed rules for the course of meetings are specified in the Regulations of the CAREER IN AIRLINES project.

Information about cooperation as a recruitment advisor

  • We invite active and retired airline pilots and recruitment specialists to share their knowledge about recruitment procedures in a selected airline with candidates for communication pilots.
  • The consultation meetings are only online.
  • The basic language of conversation during the meetings is English.
  • The dates when the consultant is available for meetings are declared only by themselves in the calendar of free time on the profile of this website.
  • Consultation dates are negotiated by exchanging the proposed dates and times for consultations with the clients via e-mail. The consultant may confirm one of the proposals sent by the client or send their own suggestions to the client in response. The process of exchanging and accepting the proposals takes place via the website. The final confirmation of the session time requires the approval of both parties.
  • The meetings are of advisory nature and help the candidates for the airline to professionally prepare for the recruitment process at the selected airline.
  • The fee for the consultation meeting is determined by the consultant by declaring the hourly rate in their profile during registration on this website.
  • Detailed rules of settlements and cooperation with the website administration are specified in the Regulations of the CAREER IN AIRLINES project.

You are welcome.