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If you have professional knowledge of the recruitment processes for the position of a pilot in any airline and you have participated in carrying out such procedures, become our Partner! We offer interesting cooperation.
Fill out the form below, attach copies of your diplomas, certificates, references and CV, and provide the information and files needed for your presentation. We will contact you soon to discuss the terms of an attractive cooperation.
Information about cooperation as a recruitment advisor:
  1. We invite active and retired airline pilots and recruitment specialists who wish to share with candidates for airlines pilots their knowledge about recruitment procedures in a selected airline.
  2. The consultation meetings take place only online.
  3. English is the preferred, though not obligatory, language of conversation during the meetings .
  4. The consultants themselves declare the dates when they are available for the meetings - in the calendar of free time on the consultant's profile on this website.
  5. The advisory meetings are to help airline candidates professionally prepare for the recruitment process with a selected airline.
  6. The consultants themselves determine the fee for the consultation meeting as a declared hourly rate in their profile during registration in this service.
  7. Detailed rules of billing and cooperation with the website administration are set out in the  Regulations for CAREER IN AIRLINES project.
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