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You are not yet 18 years old. Formally, we need the consent of your parents / legal guardians in order to activate the course you are buying.
  1. Download the form here
  2. Print it and then ask both parents / legal guardians to complete and confirm acceptance of your training at ATO Avioner.
  3. The signature / signatures of parents / legal guardians on the completed consent form must be notarized.
  4. Upload a copy of the signed 'Parental consent' to your account at ATO Avioner at the time of registration or later - Student's menu, and send the original of the document by post to the address of the ATO Avioner School.
  5. You can activate your training after placing a copy of the 'Parental consent' and the bank payment confirmation in the system.
  6. We expect you to send the original 'Parental consent' to us within 7 days of registering your account here.
  7. We reserve the right to block your training if we do not receive the 'Parental consent' within 14 days of the date of the course activation.
  8. In such a situation (see point 7) the fee paid for the started training is not refundable.

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If you are a citizen of a country other than those of the European Union, and you want to conduct the training online from territory of Poland, we must obtain the consent of the local aviation authority (Polish) for your training at ATO Avioner. This is required by Polish regulations.
To do this, please complete the following procedure:
  1. Download the form located here
  2. Print it and then fill out points: 3, 4 and 9 and sign on page 2, 3 and 4 fields marked with "Date, Candidate signature",
  3. Additionally attach a notarized copy of the residence permit document in Poland and the Passport’s copy on the page with the photo.
  4.  Send the signed document in the original (with original signatures), by post, to the following address:
Syntecode Sp. z o.o. (ATO Avioner)
ul. Pilchowicka 27 /4
02-175 Warszawa

We will start the procedure of submitting the application for consent for the training after receiving the payment for the course ordered.
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Attention! You will have the right to receive the training certificate and start practical training in the air only if you purchase the entire course, view all the lectures and pass the step and final tests in all subjects.
The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator's Qualification Certificate may granted to a person at least 18 years old.
The PPL(A) - Private Pilot License may be granted to a person at least 17 years old but they may start training when they are 16 years old.
You may get a glider pilot license at the age of 16 but you may start the training when you are 14 years old.
The SPL training - glider pilot license (abridged course) is dedicated only to the holders of at least one of the following licenses: PPL (A), PPL (H), LAPL (A), LAPL (H), BPL.
PPL(A) - Private Pilot License (abridged course) is dedicated only to the holders of at least one of the following licenses: PPL(H), LAPL(H), SPL, LAPL(S), BPL.

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If you do not have the ICAO Certificate, before you start your ATPL course you need to take an exam to confirm your skills in English.
  1. You need to purchase an additional one-hour session to confirm your language skills with our teacher.
  2. The detailed instructions on how to purchase the session will be sent to you by e-mail along with the order confirmation.
  3. You will be granted access to the training after you have completed the test session and paid the ATPL course fee.


Information about the PARTNER
Navcom Systems Fly (NSFly) is a certified flight school (ATO-70) that will help you obtain a private pilot license, PPL (A). The training also includes a night flying training Visual Flight Rules, VFR certificate. The NSFly fleet is well-matched to serve students. We have six thoroughly modernized Cessna aircraft, including five C-152 planes and one C-172 RG plane. The aircraft is equipped with advanced avionics. The interior of the planes has been adapted for learning purposes.
NSFly instructors are experienced pilots. The school is located adjacent to the Lublin Airport, which allows the students to learn flying in a controlled airspace. The school has direct access to 900 meters of a grass runway. The proximity to the Lublin Airport gives us the added advantage of using the concrete runway. It means bad weather won’t limit school activities.
NSFly is a sister company of Navcom Systems, which specializes in maintaining, servicing, and repairing small aircraft and helicopters. Located next to the school, Navcom Systems maintains our fleet to ensure that the aircraft fulfills the highest safety standards and requirements.
The school building consists of two training rooms with advanced equipment, a comfortable lounge, and a kitchen. In the same building, we offer two bedrooms with bathrooms for students who may need accommodations.
We offer orientation flights and tours for prospective students.
Information about the PARTNER
We put into your hands a modern pilot training center. Our headquarters is Gliwice Airport. Whether you want to train for a Private Pilot License (PPL) or plan a professional career, in any case, in Air4 you will receive comprehensive training for license under the supervision of available airline pilots instructors. Each of us will have the task of providing you with the knowledge and skills to perform air operations safely.
We wish you,
"Safe flights and happy landings"
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 724914045
Information about the PARTNER
Information about the PARTNER
Gear Up Aviation English is offering online English classes for those who want to peruse career in aviation or pass their ICAO Language Proficiency Exams.
We offer three forms of lessons: individuals, in pairs or in small groups.
We will prepare you for ICAO Language Proficiency exams, language exams like IELTS or ESL if you want to do a flight training in a flight school abroad, recruitment process and job interviews in English.
We focus on communication skills and overcoming the language barrier, a proper pronunciation of the most challenging phonemes and stresses in English. We teach aviation phraseology in context of natural language.
Information about the PARTNER